Energy Saving Solutions


Approximately two thirds of electricity in food retail and meat processing is used for refrigeration. In the wholesale food sector this can be as high as 86%.

Maintenance and control of refrigeration can be achieved relatively easily, however design allows the greatest opportunity to build in energy efficiency. Using time and motion sensors for coolstore lighting, considering heat-recovery along with other innovative ideas, energy consumption can be reduced.


It is possible to make energy savings of between 40% (offices) and 75% (industrial buildings) with good lighting design and control.

Approximately one third of the energy in a commercial building is consumed by lighting. Lighting uses about one third of the total energy used by a commercial building. Installing the correct lighting energy-saving equipment will reduce energy consumption. Using sensors, controls and timers can also reduce this consumption.

Building management systems

Computer-based systems that monitor and control energy-using equipment can be a powerful tool for managing your energy consumption, thereby reducing costs.

Software can monitor, control and optimise energy consumed, in real time. This can include lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation, equipment and hot water. This enables ongoing reporting and can record changes over time.